Alliance Story

Molly Chan’s story is not one of sympathy but rather one of strength, courage, and perseverance; all of which have given this student of life a greater purpose, direction, and resolve. Molly truly knows who we are at Alliance, she understands where we came from and will proudly proclaim with conviction that she knows where we are going.

Corporate culture is a buzz word that gets a lot of attention today. Overuse can often discredit the significance and power of sound founding principles. The true essence of a culture cannot be diminished if it is rooted firmly in the fiber of a company: its core values. An important part of an organization’s culture can be found in its story.

Interestingly, the benefits of Molly’s story become your benefits. It is ‘our’ story that sets us apart in the world of remittance processing.

  • The company was founded in 2003 by Edward Chan, Molly’s husband. Edward built the company from the ground up as Molly was busy as a lawyer and mom. Molly’s involvement with the company was primarily in an external role helping out with contracts, legal work and general support. Edward handled all others aspects of the operation. The company grew and strengthened as the years passed.
  • In April of 2014, Edward passed away after a valiant battle with cancer, leaving Molly and her three young children to carry on without him. Molly’s first reaction was to sell Alliance and pursue her other business ventures that were already in full motion or quickly materializing. However, something interesting happened. As Molly spent some time at Alliance, in the operation and more importantly with the team, she recognized that Alliance was a means of providing employment for good people while offering outstanding services and solutions to Alliance clients.
  • Her compassion moved her to reconsider keeping the company for her family and the families of those that chose to remain a part of the team. The ensuing years have been filled with ups and downs, failures and successes alike but the trend line is moving up in a positive direction. This persistence, vision and overall can-do attitude stems from Molly’s grit, valor and compassion. Quite simply, the corporate culture of Alliance is becoming an appendage of Molly Chan, which makes up much of the abundance Alliance offers.

When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.
– Anthony Robbins

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