Geoff Purkis

April 1, 2023

What Are Common Healthcare Payment Processing Issues?

Healthcare payment processing can be a complex and challenging task, and there are several common issues that healthcare providers may face when managing the payment process. […]
March 1, 2023

How Are Retail Lockboxes Different vs Wholesale Lockboxes

Retail lockboxes and wholesale lockboxes are two types of lockbox services offered by banks to their commercial customers for streamlining their receivables processing. The main difference […]
February 1, 2023

What is a Remittance Processing System?

To better understand remittance processing, a review of the root word remit may be helpful. One definition of remit is to send money to a person […]
January 4, 2023

How does a LockBox Process Work?

Customers send a remittance payment to a specific PO Box A scheduled courier collects the mail and delivers it to a secure location Mail is sorted, […]
December 21, 2022

What is a LockBox?

Lockbox is a service facilitating the process of customers’ payments sent through the mail to a specific PO Box, retrieved, and processed on their behalf. Alliance […]
May 25, 2013

What Type of Businesses Are Considered Seasonal Businesses?

Seasonal businesses are those that operate primarily during specific times of the year, usually due to demand fluctuations associated with different seasons, holidays, or events. Here […]
May 25, 2013

What Type of Businesses Are Considered Mobile Businesses?

“Mobile businesses” refers to those that primarily operate on the go and do not have a fixed, brick-and-mortar location. These businesses might conduct transactions in various […]
May 25, 2013

Businesses with Higher Rates of Chargebacks or Potential for Fraudulent Transactions

Certain types of businesses and industries are considered high-risk for chargebacks and fraudulent transactions due to the nature of their operations, their customer base, or the […]
May 25, 2013

Types of Small Businesses That Have Credit Card Processing Problems?

Some types of small businesses may face more challenges than others when it comes to credit card processing. Here are a few examples: High-Risk Businesses: Certain […]
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