Document Imaging

Gone are the days of printing reams of paper to be stashed in labeled files, stored on shelves and then archived in storage rooms. Storing the data is one thing and accessing it is another. What worked yesterday is simply not prudent today on any number of levels.

Today we live in a digital world and have learned from the error of our ways. Alliance recognizes the significance of creating a green, paperless environment as well as implementing measures to more readily access organized documents. We maintain that you can have the greatest products in the world but without the ability to easily access the documents, the product is of little use. Clearly providing organized, comprehensive document management systems enabling quick and easy access is imperative.

At Alliance, when using our image-based payment or document processing system, the ability to easily access processed information from anywhere, at any time, is our reality. We provide an automated web-based portal, AllyWEB, which consolidates enterprise-level access for researching documents and transactions captured. With our AllyWEB portal in place, access to images and the associated data is simple. Using a web browser, you can search and retrieve quickly and securely.

The AllyWEB portal provides immensely powerful document and data management that is simple to use. System users and lockbox clients can easily search for archived images and data, view stored reports, or download extract files. Configurable workflows enable automatic routing of any document to operator work queues.

Tracking your documents is a patented process that tracks the physical location of every document to ensure all transactions are scanned, processed, warehoused, and shredded on time. Information essentials and/or concerns are quickly resolved.

The benefits of our safe and secure document management system meet the needs of more than lockbox clients. Anyone looking for a means to store and manage data can utilize our comprehensive system. Remember, we customize our products to address the individual needs of our customers regardless of the company size or number of documents they manage. Converting from paper to digital data has never been easier.

In addition to the obvious benefits of a safe and secure document processing system such as lowering cost, improving workflow, and increasing efficiencies, you can securely view the documents with built-in field level redaction, extensive audit trail and access tracking.

Alliance Payment Solutions has skillfully mastered the art of remittance processing. We understand the unique nuances. Saving time and money is a reoccurring theme. Our objective is to provide you with avenues to do just that. Alliance’s comprehensive solutions afford you the freedom of focusing your energy, time and efforts on what really matters – your business and your mission.

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