Find answers to commonly-asked questions about payment solutions.

What types of businesses do you work with?

Anyone who receives payments from customers can benefit from our services. Examples include utilities, charitable organizations/non-profits, insurance companies, medical companies, property management companies, homeowners associations, newspapers, mortgage companies, schools/educational groups and governmental agencies.

How long does it take to setup an account with Alliance?

In most cases, Alliance can be ready to process your payments within two weeks, depending on the status of your existing documents and timing of your internal transition.

What does image-based processing involve?

Capturing each item as an image, we can process your work faster and upload immediately online, allowing for you to research transactions online and recreate a transaction simply by clicking your mouse.

Do you handle stop payments? If so, what is your process?

We support the pulling of items you do not want processed. The client need only provide the updated file with the account numbers to exclude, and once pulled, can be handled according to client instructions.

How do you handle correspondence included with payments?

Correspondence is removed during the mail opening process. These items are processed with the client’s daily specified work and returned to client for processing according to client internal procedures.

How long does it take to research or receive copy of an item?

Our turnaround time is measured in seconds. A client is given a username and password to access our secure online research website. Then, they enter the search criteria and within seconds the transaction is displayed. The image of the coupon or check is viewable and a transaction report can be printed from there.

Does it matter if we use coupon books or monthly statements?

Whether you use monthly statements or coupon books, the main component for proper and efficient processing is the scan line.

What is a scan line?

A scan line is a line of data located on a remittance coupon. Our software automatically reads this line and captures the information electronically. The line is typically in an OCR Alpha font and includes information from the account. The account number, balance due, due date, and late payment amount are normally included within this area.

Can you help us design image-friendly documents or add a scan line?

Our highly skilled technical staff is available to assist you in the design of remittance coupons.

What if we don’t have a scan line?

We can still process transactions without a scan line. However, scan lines are normally very easy to create and incorporate into your billing remittance. For each client, we can review documents and make recommendations on the best route to take. Note, processing without a scan line involves more manual steps and is priced accordingly.

Can we private-label your services? If so, how would it work?

Yes. For financial institutions our services can be private-labeled or we can work out a teaming agreement. In each case Alliance will work with you to provide a superior service to your business customers that will grow revenue and increase deposits without the capital investment.

Where are the images retrieved?

The images are accessed through our AllyWEB web portal. Clients receive a unique username and password for access to this secure site.

How long are images available?

90 days. Typically clients save the images to their local drive each day.

Can images be reposted after 90 days?

Images are archived for seven years and accommodations can be made for a client that needs access for a longer period.

Who has access to the images?

Contacts listed on the setup sheet will have a secure account created during setup and there is no limit to the number of users.

When is requested mail sent back to clients?

Mail is sent back weekly on Tuesday and Friday. Special requests for return mail frequency and days can be submitted as well.

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