Integrated Receivables

Consumers want to pay when they want to pay. They want the path of least payment resistance, and businesses today need to keep up with the abundance of consumer payment choices. We can help. Alliance has simplified your receivable processes with our integrated receivables solution. We empower businesses with straight-through payment processing and the ability to consolidate all receivables, payment, and remittance information in a single platform. Your business can accept, process, and post any payment method, from any payment channel on our integrated receivables platform powered by Jack Henry.

Some of the benefits businesses experience immediately moving to integrated receivables looks like:

  • improved efficiency
  • reduction of labor requirements and
  • reduced processing errors.

If that’s not enough, with integrated receivables business can expedite payment processing and improve cash flow. With the ability to automate, aggregate, and simplify payment processing across all payment channels, cash flow will improve with faster payments, reduced risk and fraud, reduced labor cost with automation, and reduced errors.

Alliance also offers a private label option of the integrated receivables platform. We will brand your integrated receivables portal according to your branding guidelines. It’s easy to get started.

Contact Alliance at to begin to learn more and begin the process. With one call, you can reclaim payments that meet consumers expectations for fast, secure, and convenient payments.

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