Alliance Payment Solutions offers reliable payment processing and imaging solutions for all industries. As you know, we work with each client to skillfully create tailored solutions that fit their unique needs. You have reaped the benefits of our services and we suggest you profit from spreading the word.

We believe that even the best products will go unsold if untold. For this reason, Alliance has created the marketing tools you deserve to solicit others interested in the world of remittance payment processing.

Check out the marketing brochures we have developed for you to personalize, email/print, distribute, and reap the benefits. The designs are created in full color and can also be tastefully printed in black and white to accommodate your printing capabilities.

Marketing Details:

  • 8.5” x 11” sizing
  • Industry specific brochures plus a generic piece complementing our services
  • Space is provided for you to personalize with your name, logo/business, phone, and email address
  • You can email or print the brochure
Signature Solution Brochure
Non-Profit/Fundraising Brochure
Government/Municipal Brochure
Health/Medical Brochure

Brochure Instructions:

  1. Choose a brochure above, click link to download.
  2. Open the document in MS Word.
  3. Replace the “Insert Logo Here” image with your logo (Insert/Photo/Picture From File).
  4. Select and replace text with your name, email address and phone.
  5. Print or email your customized brochure.
  6. Note: The brochure background will be washed out in the MS Word document, but will print in full color.

Our goal at Alliance Payment Solutions is to save you time and money. The marketing tools we have created will afford you the benefits of professionally designed brochures that represent YOU and the services YOU provide without the cost.

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