Pay By Phone

Pay by Phone

Give your customers the ability to pay you whenever they want using their telephone, web browser or Smartphone. Payments can be accepted 24/7, 365 days per year. Our service was designed to allow quick and easy implementations, often in just a day or two. NO Setup or fixed monthly costs to you.

Many customers are now asking and demanding alternative methods to make their payments. Providing them with the convenience of Web-Pay, Phone-Pay and Mobile-Pay options helps you meet this need and get payments faster.

Our service validates each incoming payment request using an authentication process that you help define. The data needed to provide the validation and current payment amounts can be extracted from your existing billing process or sent via a separate data file that can often be automated by your IT staff.

Your customers can pay using their Bank Account (E-Check) or their Credit or Debit cards. The system uses real-time bankcard validation for Credit or Debit payments, and additionally, banking ABA number validation for E-Check payment requests.

A low per transaction fee is charged for each completed transaction. Merchant bank charges on bankcard payments will also apply. Should your organization elect to, these fees can be completely or partially offset by adding a “convenience fee” to each customer’s transaction.

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