Private Label Partnerships

To meet the increasing demands for competitive products in the world of banking, Alliance Payment Solutions has created a comprehensive suite of private-label, high-quality lockbox, and remittance processing services to meet the needs of financial institutions that want to compete in the commercial banking sector with additional client solutions, but do not wish to invest in an in-house lockbox solution.

As a result of our private label remittance processing solutions, Alliance Payment Solutions has developed close working relationships with many banking organizations to meet this demand by providing outsourcing partnership solutions through a private label remittance processing offering. Why? Banks often need a high-quality payment processing partner to be competitive in winning treasury management accounts while competing with larger commercial banks that provide in-house solutions for their remittance processing needs. The quality of our state-of-the-art services and technology, along with our full array of payment solutions, provide you with the competitive edge required to bid and obtain business in this highly competitive commercial banking sector.

Offering lockbox services can enhance your customer relationships, grow revenues, increase deposits, add additional layers of connectivity in the client’s banking relationship, and satisfy unique lending requirements that require the use of a remittance processing solution to manage revenues against credit draws needed to regularly meet cashflow requirements for operating expenses. However, the cost to offer in-house lockbox processing can be potentially prohibitive for some financial institutions. For this reason, Alliance Payment Solutions partners with financial institutions to provide advanced lockbox processing without the requirement of large capital expenditures for infrastructure, equipment, staffing, and vendors required to create and offer an in-house solution. Outsourcing this need to a trusted partner provides financial savings while still making available to your client the remittance processing solutions that they are seeking.

Our objective at Alliance Payment Solutions is to provide you with avenues to better serve your customers with cost-effective options while generating an additional stream of fee income to you. The combination of our technology and custom-built online document management system will offer comprehensive solutions for your clients. There is no client too large or too small for us. We operate in the retail and wholesale lockbox arena as well as providing customized remittance processing solutions for all points in between. We invite you to reach out to us today through our Contact Us tab to learn more about our remittance processing solutions and how they can enhance your client offerings.

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