Credit Card Processing and ACH Processing

Credit Cards

Today, it is more critical than ever that businesses have access to quality, effective merchant products and services to meet their business goals. Merchants simply cannot compete without efficient payment processing hardware and software, inventory management solutions and special services like customer loyalty programs.

Alliance Payment Solutions does more than just process card payments – we’ll also help you build and expand your business through a full suite of cost-effective merchant solutions. We can assist you by tailoring the latest payment products and services available to suit your specific business needs. We will help your business take the maximum advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.

What is ACH?

Known as The Automated Clearing House, ACH is an electronic payment delivery system that processes credit and debit transfers for businesses, small and large. ACH Payments deduct funds directly from your customer’s checking or savings account adding value to the customer experience and providing an efficient alternative to the traditional credit card or even paper check processing.


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